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Aisha Jumwa Demands Matiang’i’s Resignation Over Ksh400M Gold Scam

Aisha Jumwa Demands Matiang'i's Resignation Over Ksh400M Gold Scam

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  • Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa Facebook

  • Malindi MP Aisha Jumwa has asked Interior CS Fred Matiang’i to resign over the Ksh400 million fake gold scandal.

    Speaking in Endebess, the fire-spitting legislator stated that Matiang’i should explain why state resources were used to protect the premises where the fake gold was discovered.

    “Matiang’i can’t explain this. He must step aside. How can you use the General Service Unit (GSU) to safeguard the home of those involved in the criminal activity?

    Interior CS Fred Matiang’i addresses journalists in his office in September 2018

    “We saw GSU officers guarding the house where the suspects were arrested. What will you tell us Matiangi? What don’t you know? You should not be in charge of the internal security docket,” she stated. 

    Jumwa went on to add that Matiang’i should be summoned by the national security committee to explain himself.

    “Matiangi should appear before the security committee and shed light on this matter. We can’t let this happen.

    You have to tell us what you know about the fake gold scandal that has mentioned many big people, including you,” she added.

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