Abel Mutua: My Actions Led to Firing of 12 From Tahidi High [VIDEO]

Actor Abel Mutua (left) with film director Phil Karanja in a post shared on Instagram in February 2020
  • Former Tahidi High actor, Abel Mutua, popularly known as Freddie, has come clean about his role in the alleged firing of 12 colleagues from the hit show.

    While speaking on popular Youtube Channel, Cleaning The Airwaves (CTA) on Sunday, October 11, Mutua disclosed that he exited the then form four class by writing a finale script.

    He said that he noticed a trend cropping among the actors in 2011 when some openly dropped hints that it was time to wrap-up the class.

    “It was very exciting at the beginning, but then it became a routine. ‘We have been here for four years, and the?’ These are conversations I am hearing from the corridors, but nobody is bold enough to come and say, ‘let’s wrap this.'” he explained.

    Actor Abel Mutua (left) with film director Phil Karanja in a post shared on Instagram in February 2020

    To show they were fed up with the acting gig, some decided to start skipping shoots and would disappear for as long as two weeks.

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    “Artists love shortcuts. They stop coming for shoots. You call a person and when they come, they only work half a day. 2011 was a very hectic year for the production.

    “This class that had done very well in 2010 scooping all the awards, in 2011, was tired. I was seeing the trends, the main characters were nowhere to be found. Some switched off their phones for two weeks. It was so hectic,” he added.

    He noted that he was the scriptwriter at the time and would be disappointed spending sleepless nights preparing scripts only to find main characters missing the next day.

    In October of the same year, he revealed that he decided to write the final episode for the pioneer class.

    “I opened my scripting software and I typed, ‘Tahidi High, The Finale’ and I put it on the table,” he added.

    In the room was a fellow Tahidi High crew Philip Karanja, who glanced over at the computer in shock.

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    “If you send that script, 12 people will be out of a job after 2 days,” explained Karanja at the time.

    Mutua justified his action by explaining that most of the cast were playing cat and mouse game during shoots, and so the two agreed to hand in the script as the season’s finale.

    “That is how I fired people,” he explained disclosing that his action did not anger the cast.

    Below is the video:


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