9 Prisoners Escape From Police Custody

Police Station
  • Four under-age men are among nine prisoners who escaped from police custody on Monday, October 4.

    The nine escaped from the Bomet police station where they were being held.

    Bomet Central Sub County police boss, Musa Omar Imamai, confirmed that four of the nine escapees were juveniles while the remaining were adults.

    Police Station

    Imamai explained that since Bomet and Kericho prisons did not have a facility for juvenile prisoners with pending cases in court, they are always held in cells instead of prisons.

    According to a police report, Officer Commanding Station (OCS) discovered that some of the suspects were missing while he was making the routine checks at the station.

    The nine allegedly managed to slip through an opening they created after cutting a number of metal grills at the back of the cells.

    Police are yet to identify the tools the prisoners used to cut the grills and how they pulled it off despite the presence of two officers who were manning the station.

    He stated that the nine had been accused of various offenses and were set to appear in court on October 4.

    Three of the escapees were scheduled to face theft charges while two others were arrested for being in possession of illicit brew

    Police immediately launched a manhunt for the suspects.

    One of the escapees has been arrested and is helping the police in tracing the eight others who are still on the run.

    Kenya Police officers pictured outside a police station. A naked man stormed the Embakasi Police Station on Saturday night, June 13, 2020.
    Kenya Police officers pictured outside a police station.
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