4 Mansions Uhuru Will Stay After Leaving State House

  • President Uhuru Kenyatta assured Kenyans that he would retire peacefully once his term ends in 2022. He is set to receive Ksh72 million gratuity for retiring Presidents on top of Ksh47 million monthly pension.  

    His retirement has drawn nationwide debate, with several counties offering to host the head of state. Reports have also alleged that a number of politicians are planning on opposing him from retiring in their counties. 

    “I have heard that some people want to be governors so as to frustrate the President. My friend, politics is not about you but Nakuru residents. We want to respect the President and allow him to drink tea at the State House with his successor. How can you disturb the President’s peace?

    “Try and you will see my wrath as I won’t allow Nakuru residents to be divided, “Bahati MP Kimani Ngunjiri warned Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika who he accused of orchestrating a plan against Uhuru’s retirement. 

    An aerial view of President Uhuru Kenyatta’s house adjacent to State House, Nairobi

    Uhuru has readied himself for retirement by building four mansions in Nairobi, Nakuru, Narok and Kiambu counties. 

    State House – Nairobi 

    The President owns a Ksh700 million house near State House, Nairobi, constructed under his personal supervision. 

    In 2019, reports detailed that he privately founded the house unlike the other President’s whose homes were built with public coffers 

    Among the features of the house are bulletproof windows, electric fences and modern alarm and security systems. It also has a spacious lounge for treating visitors, a swimming pool, helipad and several rooms including a number of offices. 

    Ichaweri, Kiambu County

    Construction of the mansion in Uhuru’s home town commenced in 2018 with the contractor working under heavy GSU security. 

    The villa was also privately funded similar to the State House home. His father, Jomo Kenyatta’s home built in the same compound is also under renovation. 

    Government agencies were also directed to develop the town, notably the construction of the Ksh11 billion Kenya National Highways Authority (KeNHA) road. 

    The highway is expected to connect Kiambu Road to Thika Highway via Kirigiti, Ngewa, Ichaweri, Gatundu and Mang’u. 

    The entrance to the Kenyatta family Ichaweri home
    The entrance to the Kenyatta family Ichaweri home

    Maasai-Mara, Kajiado 

    This was the latest home to be inducted into Uhuru’s retirement plan. The 1,000-acre parcel of land is located at Oloolmongi, Lolgorian Ward near the tourist attraction site Maasai Mara. 

    The President in early January 2021, threw an invite-only event reported to be a housewarming party.  To protect the mansion’s privacy, guests were directed to leave their phones at the gate. 

    Uhuru while speaking at Sagana State Lodge, Nyeri on January 30, stated that he will remain public to chart the way forward for Mt Kenya despite retiring from office. 

    “I will be at the head of the table to ensure there are no monkey games. We must ensure that we get what is our due entitlement,†he declared. 

    Gicheha – Nakuru County

    The 4000-acre farm is located a kilometre off the Nakuru-Eldoret highway and has over 1000 animals and several plantations. 

    Uhuri has reared exotic animals exported from South Africa and Uganda. This include; Boer goats, Brangus, Charolais, Hereford, Brahman and Ankole cows. Local breeds include the Borans and Sahiwals cattle. 

    “The president loves the beef cattle so much that he visits virtually every corner of the farm inspecting the herd and making inquiries,” a director at the farm stated in 2018. 

    Livestock breeders showcase their animals at Gicheha Farm in Nakuru County

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