250 Nairobi Matatus Banned From CBD

Matatu Bus Stop Sign at GPO Stage, Along Kenyatta Avenue in Nairobi. Monday, October 21, 2019
  • 250 matatus from three Saccos were banned from accessing their parking stations in Nairobi CBD in a directive issued by the High Court. 

    The judge declined to uphold a request by the trio – Kinatwa, Kangunex and Makos – which wanted to be allowed to continue using CBD petrol stations as matatu termini. 

    The Nairobi County government, on October 3, 2019, had directed the three to desist from picking and dropping passengers at petrol stations located along Tom Mboya Street. 

    Matatu Bus Stop Sign at GPO Stage, Along Kenyatta Avenue in Nairobi. Monday, October 21, 2019

    It further directed them to use the Country Bus Station on Landhies Road, opposite Muthurwa Bus Station. 

    The court ruled that City Hall was charged with managing transport, parking and traffic issues and was within its right to bar the matatus from operating in CBD. 

    The judge added that the three Saccos had been issued with notices as early as 2017 and failed to adhere to the directive. 

    “They have not complained about the gazette notice designating their terminus but have, instead, chosen to operate from their own undesignated terminus in clear breach of the law,” the judge said.

    The Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) also initiated a process to kick matatus out of CBD. NMS under Director-General Mohamed Badi said that the process would commence once the construction of termini across the city ends. 

    At Green Park terminus near Old Railways Club, NMS unveiled monitor screens which would monitor matatus entering and leaving the station. Touts and parking boys will also be banned from entering the stations as matatus destinations and prices will be announced on the screens. 

    To further boost security, police stations will be built and CCTV cameras will also be installed at the terminus. 

    “The vehicles will operate under strict time management. We shall specify the amount of time a vehicle will use to drop passengers, its waiting and loading periods. 

    “Once they exit, another vehicle will be automatically called via a speaker and the app,” Engineer Michael Ochieng’ said. 

    Other termini under construction include Fig Tree Terminus at Ngara, Bunyala and Workshop Road, Muthurwa Terminus and a proposed terminus at Globe Cinema Roundabout. 

    Matatus at traffic snarl-up along Waiyaki Way in Nairobi

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