20-Year-Old Disappears After Gambling Ksh100K School Fee

File image of Kenyan banknotes
  • A netizen opened up on how his young brother gambled Ksh 100,000 set aside to help their parents and pay part of the sibling’s school fees, leading more Kenyans to share their plight with the menace.

    Regius Tweep on Thursday, August 13, stated that he gave his brother Ksh 100,000 to deposit in Nairobi as he (Tweep) left the capital to visit the parents upcountry. 

    His brother, however, deposited the money into one of the local betting sites with screenshots shared revealing that he lost the money on a multi-bet. Tweep reported the incident at DCI Nakuru on his way back to Nairobi after the brother disappeared. 

    “I am not angry. I am simply heartbroken. This is my flesh and blood. I had to go to DCI Nakuru on my way back to have him tracked. He is apparently alive and within Nairobi. How can your own sibling be so cold? His phone is still off. I don’t even know what to feel. This is a 20-year-old boy who did not need to do all that. 

    File image of Kenyan banknotes

    “If he was starving, I would understand. If he was mistreated, I would understand. But everything I get, he gets. On my way back from home, I got a bracelet, I also got him his. He lacks nothing and understands that we have an ailing mother. I don’t think I have ever felt so awful in my life,” he tweeted.

    The netizen added that he forgave his sibling but the painful part was seeing his mother break into tears and the father apologising on behalf of the truant brother.  

    Other Kenyans weighed in on the issue, narrating heartbreaking stories of how gambling had affected their lives. One David Senga stated that he was the last born in his family and it took him a whole year to raise his university fees after his elder brother gambled all the funds raised to educate him in freshman year.

    “My brother took a Ksh 300,000 loan and gambled it all away. We had to help him pay up some of it since he was being threatened with auctions. This affected my financial stability up to date. I knew he wouldn’t repay although he said he would. I did that to keep him away from me,” one Cornel opened up. 

    White Forest advised that the illusion betting creates and the promise of a fortune is a major cause of gambling addiction. 

    On  Friday, July 3, Matiang’i stated that the law on betting firms will be reintroduced after President Uhuru Kenyatta was shortchanged by MPs into scrapping off the 20% excise duty imposed on betting firms. 

    “All of you need to understand that this is something we made a decision on and our President has publicly expressed his thoughts on it and also lead from the frontline. We are not going back on our decision. We cannot allow criminals and money launderers from abroad to mess with our country,” he affirmed.

    He further vouched for sanity as betting had almost destroyed families and children. Punters were hopeful over the likely return of popular sports betting firms, Sportpesa and Betin which closed shop in September 2019.  

    President Uhuru Kenyatta (Right) strolls at State House with Interior CS Fred Matiang'i during a past event.
    President Uhuru Kenyatta (Right) strolls at State House with Interior CS Fred Matiang’i during a past event.

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