2 Die After Jumping From 7th-Floor Kilimani House Party

  • Two people died after reportedly jumping from the seventh floor of a building in Kilimani, Nairobi at a house party on Thursday, July 8.  

    The victims had joined nearly 20 revellers to mourn a Nigerian national who passed away a few days earlier, on Sunday, July 4. One of the duo who died was also identified as a 23-year-old Nigerian citizen. 

    Detectives attached to the case stated that 15 out of the total attendees were Nigerians.

    They suspected that the 23-year-old either committed suicide or was pushed out of the building, Sky Horse Apartment along Wood Avenue. 

    An aerial view of Kilimani Estate, Nairobi

    Eyewitnesses narrated that one of the two died at the spot, a few minutes before emergency service providers arrived at the scene. The other passed away en route to the hospital.

    A few minutes later, another reveller also fell out from the same building. Police offered scanty information on his whereabouts but noted that he was treated and discharged.  

    “We recovered drugs and alcohol at the party. We have not done the postmortems to ascertain the cause of deaths. Our analysts and pathologists are looking at the exhibits,” Kilimani OCPD Muturi Mbogo stated. 

    He added that they found 5 attendees only at the house after the others vanished following the tragedies. 

    Three Kenyan women from Roysambu, Nairobi and the third victim who was discharged were arrested and detained for questioning. 

    The caretaker, a witness in the case, stated that he was forced to cut off the house’s power after the party turned rowdy. The revellers, nonetheless, continued to party in the darkness. 

    “We won’t rule out foul play or poisoning,” Mbogo added.

    Kilimani Police Station, Nairobi