14-Yr Nairobi Girl Doing Journalism with Global Media House

Deutche Welle Headquarters in Bonn, Germany
  • 14 year old Silvia Adhiambo is a reporter for German international broadcasting company Deutsche Welle popularly known as DW.

    Silvia was born and raised in Kibera, one of the largest slums in Kenya and has a population of over 250,000 people.

    Unemployment, crime, lack of enough schools are some of the challenges encountered by individuals who live in the slum.

    Deutsche Welle Headquarters in Bonn, Germany

    The young Kenyan reporter hosts a show dubbed “Girlz Off Mute†that premiered late last year.

    She tells the stories of young girls aged 11 to 17, in an engaging conversational format. The platform Girlz Off Mute was created for young reporters across four countries in Africa namely; Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana and Gambia.

    With an exceptional grasp of storytelling, she embodies confidence in her delivery of stories and interviews. Her enthusiasm in her work and interaction with the interviewees – demonstrating her nascent journalistic prowess. 

    “Growing up in the slums is not easy but through hard work, determination and resilience you can make it. I am a good example because I was born her and still live here but that has not stopped me from pursuing my dream of being a journalist,†she said.

    She tells stories of girls in the slums and are making a difference in the community. She followed and told the story of 19-year old Esther who is teaching fellow girls in her region, by empowering the girls through teaching. 

    In the video, she did the voice-over, narrating the events to the audience in a clear and articulate way.

    Veteran journalist Edith Kimani works alongside Silvia. They focus on issues facing the youth across the continent.

    Through the platform, they discuss issues of unemployment, corruption, innovation and African Identity.

    Silvia continues to practice journalism, telling Kenya stories to an international audience. Her focus being issues affecting girls in the community, girls doing impeccable things as well as empowering the girl child.

    Silvia says her dream is to tell Kenyan stories to a global audience. â€œWe have decided to unmute and speak up, this microphone is our tool powerâ€.  

    Silvia Odhiambo (Right) and other young reporters for the Girls Off Mute Show
    Silvia Odhiambo (Right) and other young female reporters for the Girls Off Mute Show.
    DW Africa

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