You are a disgrace to ladies, netizens tells off Wilbroda on naked picture

You are a disgrace to ladies, netizens tells off Wilbroda on naked picture

Renowned actress Jacqueline Nyaminde better known as Wilbroda on Sunday faced the wrath of netizens after posting a picture of herself in a bathtub.

In the photo on her Instagram page, the former Papa Shrandura actress lied in a white bathtub with her body covered with only bubbles.

With a flirty gaze, Wibroda teased her fans with some skin, leaving tongues wagging.

The mother of one captioned it: “Watu waoge tafadhali! (Take a shower, guys!)”

The post didn’t augur well with most of her followers – judging from the comments left on the post.

To some, the post was inappropriate.

They accused the actress, who doubles up as a comedian at Milele FM, of losing her dignity.

However, the Sassy comedian wasn’t moved at all as she didn’t take any action thereafter.

Here are some of the reactions.

@carlonimz: Waaaa. ..hainihusu but honestly this lowers yr dignity. …we didn’t expect that from a noble lady like you!!!!lubish!!!! It’s pains wen we young gals see such nonsense from people we ought to emulate! !!!!!lubish …kwa raha zako lkn..huh

@nickykarisky: Sisi hatuna shida na kuoga shida ni aliye nyuma ya camera ako uchi ama ako na nguo😂😂😂 Social media will show us wonders aki woi nyasae was it really necessary? Anyway wacha nipambane na hali yangu🤣🤣🤣🤣

@halimamshami_og: Wooiyee aki i didn’t see this coming from a mentor like you. ….anyway lemmi mind my own biznaa

@estheraswa: Waah! Kuna vitu zingine they lower dignity 😂😂

@balozson: The dignity you have earned over time just get lost in a matter of split seconds,,to make it worse in a bath tub,,,

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@elliotzsa: Achieni akothee hii


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