US Ambassador Discloses What He Loves About Kenyan Youth

US Ambassador Discloses What He Loves About Kenyan Youth

United States Ambassador to Kenya Kyle McCarter disclosed what he adores most about Kenyan youth noting that he is impressed with how the Kenyan youth are intelligent, honest and energized.

The ambassador, through his Nation opinion column, called upon all Kenyans to invest in the youth. As per him, the United States is keen towards building a better Kenya for the youth, who will be the force that energises the nation to be the shining start of democracy and prosperity for East Africa.

The US official also highlighted how the United States has partnered with Kenya to uplift the youth. With almost Ksh100 billion each year, the US helps Kenya become a country that is no longer a beneficiary, but one that meets the needs of its own people and is a benefactor to its neighbours.

US Ambassador McCarter enjoying a light moment with Kenyan youth

Kenyan businesses are respected worldwide for their innovation and the US is forefront to recognizing that aspect according to the diplomat. In 2020, the US and Kenya will partner in the Digital Kenya ICT project, valued at over 500 million dollars.

The US African Growth and Opportunity Act (Agoa) supports over 200,000 jobs in Kenya and generates Ksh50 billion in exports to the US each year. Planning beyond Agoa’s end in 2025, the US and Kenya are exploring future bilateral agreements that would create deeper economic ties between our countries.

However, McCarter revealed that all that he loves about the Kenyan youth is being hindered by corruption that needs to be wiped out so that they can flourish in Kenya.

He also highlighted that all the US efforts depend upon discouraging youth from joining extremist or criminal organisations. For decades, the US has provided military, medical, and disaster response training to Kenya.

According to the diplomat, to ultimately succeed, everyone has to inspire the next generation of leaders by tackling the impunity of corrupt individuals who deny the Kenyan people the prosperity they deserve.

“Thievery must not go unpunished. There is a clear choice. Regardless of who is implicated, the Government of Kenya and all Kenyans must decide that a society based on the rule of law is more important than the wealth or power of any individual. The playing field must be levelled to give the youth a chance,” McCarter reiterated.

US Ambassador McCarter with a young Kenyan kid

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