Ruto will see the presidency on “Viusasa”

Ruto will see the presidency on “Viusasa” – Prof. Makau Mutua

Prominent Kenyan Lawyer, Makau Mutua, on Wednesday night, refuted assertions that Deputy President, William Ruto would clinch the presidency in 2022.

Speaking to Jeff Koinange on Citizen TV’s JK Live, the Standard columnist alleged that DP Ruto was desperate for the high seat, and even resorted to using the assassination claims – a move he termed as suicidal and detrimental to his own ambition.

“In this country, people who want to become president should not be too eager to become president, they should show some humility and a sense of proportion in the way they go after the position.

“Ruto has committed a cardinal sin. This a kamikaze act; where an individual who has lost all hope and all the avenues to success have been closed, takes a desperate act such as blowing themselves up, politically, and that is what this is,” the lawyer declared.

According to Makau, Ruto exhausted all his avenues and there was no light at the end of the tunnel for him.

“It’s over for him (Ruto). If I was him I would probably go back to the drawing board and think of something different,” the legal practitioner disputed.

The attorney went on to inform that the relationship between Uhuru and Ruto was broken, adding that the president would not endorse Ruto for the presidency in 2022. This, he opined, forced Ruto to curve a niche, where he tried to force the president into endorsing him.

“I think he (Ruto) is trying to create a circumstance in which he forces Uhuru to openly endorse him for the seat. That’s why Ruto is spreading himself in Central Kenya like a virus. There is no problem in him campaigning early, but it’s clear to me, and it was clear to me then, that Uhuru never intended to reciprocate this particular relation.

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“It’s difficult to say that Ruto delivered the Rift Valley, I would say that the Rift Valley voted for Ruto and Kenyatta because they were besieged by the International Criminal Court (ICC). They voted out of sympathy. Ruto was investing in a future environment,” the professor detailed.

He further highlighted that were it not for the constitution 2010, Ruto would have been thrown out of office.

“The 2010 constitution which Ruto objected, protects him from being fired. If we were living in the old dispensation, Uhuru would have fired Ruto a long time ago. I think that marriage has collapsed. Jubilee is a dead formation,” Mutua proclaimed.

As per the lawyer, Ruto was living in the shadow of the president and ODM leader Raila Odinga, and would never be president as his name was tainted with corruption and lack of a vision.

“There are two titans of Kenyan politics at the moment, there is Uhuru on one hand and there is Odinga. Ruto is the third wheel in this relationship. This country in 2022 will need a leader with a vision, it does not need individuals like Ruto who have been there, who are tainted and who have been accused of corruption. Everyone who supported Ruto, and made a name for him are against him,” Mutua echoed.

Source: kenyagist.COM


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