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NTSA Revokes Nairobi City Traveller’s Sacco Licence 

NTSA Revokes Nairobi City Traveller's Sacco Licence 

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  • The National Transport and Safety Authority (NTSA) on Monday announced the cancellation of the licence issued to a matatu operator based in Nairobi.

    City Travellers Sacco will no longer be able to ply its designated route within the capital city over failure to comply with provisions laid out to govern the transport sector.

    “The revocation was necessitated by the failure of the Sacco to comply with the provisions of section 5 (1) of the National Transport and Safety Authority governing operations of PSVs,” an excerpt of the statement shared by the authority divulged.

    Image of the statement released by NTSA on June 10, 2019

    City Travellers Sacco matatus had been licensed to operate between Railways bus station, Kawangware, Riruta satellite and Dagoretti Market within Nairobi.

    NTSA also nullified the Road Service Licences of all the vehicles belonging to the Sacco with immediate effect.

    This would thus make it illegal for any car registered under the Sacco to operate on any Kenyan road.

    However, the transport authority announced that it had formally released all the drivers and conductors from NTSA’s PSV system.

    This was so as to allow the employees previously tied to the maligned Sacco to be able to switch to compliant entities. 

    Furthermore, traffic officers were mandated to impound any vehicle tied to the Sacco that was found opetrating after the licence revocation.

    “Members of the public are hereby advised not to board any vehicles belonging to the Sacco in order to avoid any inconveniences,” a section of the statement disclosed.

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