Nakuru prostitutes protest police harassment while hawking lovemeat

Nakuru prostitutes protest police harassment while hawking lovemeat

Commercial sex workers in Nakuru have protested to complain about violence and injustices against them.

The sex workers under an umbrella body called Smart Ladies were demanding respect for their trade and better treatment from law enforcement agencies.

Led by Smart Ladies’ Chair Daisy Achieng’ the sex workers claimed the police are targeting and arresting them for no reason.

Achieng’ revealed that the police arrested more than 120 sex workers last weekend over claims that they were loitering in the streets.

While dismissing the accusation, Achieng’ said the sex workers were conducting their business when they were arrested by the county enforcement officers and the police.

She said at least 10 of their colleagues who were arrested during the operation were seriously injured.

“County enforcement officers have become ruthless to sex workers; they attack and injure them for no reason,” said Achieng’
Achieng’ pointed out that some of the sex workers have been treated inhumanly by their clients and police over claims of being rude and taking advantage of their clients.

She said anyone with a complaint against them on how they are treated should report the matter to the right authorities for action to be taken.

“I do not dispute that some women are rude and mistreat their clients, but such should be handled at the individually instead of victimising everyone,” added the Chair.

Nakuru East sub-county police commander Elena Kabukuru said they will launch investigations into the claims that the officers injured the sex workers.

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