MP Discovers Colleagues Living in Servants’ Quarters, But Kenyans Aren’t Buying It

MP Discovers Colleagues Living in Servants' Quarters, But Kenyans Aren't Buying It

Days after claiming that Kenyan legislators were among the lowest paid in the world, Homabay Town MP Peter Kaluma went on camera and claimed that some of his colleagues were living in servants’ quarters.

Speaking outside Parliament building, the ODM MP stated that some leaders found themselves in conditions that were less than ideal and not befitting their statuses.

“Some MPs are living down along River-road and you that why hear them being assaulted in areas they shouldn’t be found.

“I once dropped a colleague from the Coast region in Kilimani only to find three MPs squatting in a servants’ quarters. They had put double deckers like in school dormitories,” he narrated.

Homabay Town MP Peter Kaluma speaking in Parliament.

His comments were met by a heap of skepticism from a number of Kenyans online with many asking him to provide proof for his claims.

“Can he name the MP’s living in SQ in Kilimani?” one user posed. 

“This is a mad man in form of an MP someone earning Ksh1.5 Million untaxed money per month calling it poor pay?” another opined.

Others were of the opinion that the MPs’ families were based in different counties and as such, “Is that wrong if their wives stay in their homes or work outside Nairobi? Kaluma you’re very arrogant.”

Kaluma has in the past days come under harsh criticism when defending the decision of the Parliamentary Service Commission to allocate the MPs an additional Ksh 250,000 as house allowances stated that their salaries weren’t sufficient.

Many found his comments insulting to the overburdened citizens.

Here are some reactions to Kaluma’s most recent comments:

Here is the video courtesy of NTV

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