Jaramogi had the wisdom to resign but Mboya had the greed and stupidity to be misused and later killed.

Tom Mboya, facts: Jaramogi had the wisdom to resign but Mboya had the greed and stupidity to be misused and later killed.

By Phil Wesonga

Chris Kavila is an unapologetic Tom Mboya apologist. Hardly a week passed without him publishing a sycophantic Mboya post at Kumekucha.

But who exactly was Mboya? Was he really the Robin Hood people say he was? Far from it. The first person to lead campaigns to change the constitution soon after independence to suit partisan political interests was Tom Mboya. In changing the constitution in 1966, Mboya had two intersts. One he wanted to endear himself to President Jomo Kenyatta so he could be his preference in the succession battle that started as soon after Kenya gained independence. Two, Mboya was undermining and frustrating a fellow Luo, the legendary Jaramogi O O, whom he viewed as the biggest threat to his selfish ambition.

Mboya was the modern day DP William Ruto. He created the imperial presidency and in the process placed Kenya on a path littered with political assassinations, corruption, land grabbing, etc etc. That Mboya legacy is today more than 50 years old. Yes he organised African student uplifts, but so did Jaramogi. Yes he was a Luo MP elected MP in Nairobi. So was Raila, who is a record four time elected MP in Nairobi.

Omiyo, blindly joining the bandwagon of Mboya praise singers without examining his role in messing up what was a promising future for Kenya is equivalent to behaving like modern day Kipchumba Murkomen and Ndindi Nyoro. Mboya married his third wife Pamela because she was using her as bait to get closer to Kenyatta. Pamela was daughter of one of Kenyatta ministers. Like Ruto, Mboya is largely responsible for the disaster that is Kenya today. Ruto sold out 40 millions Kenyans to what was to be the delivery of the second Republic for six pieces of silver. Mboya 1960s and Ruto 2000s, one and the same thing. Bure kabisa.

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Source: kenyagist.COM


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