Fight breaks out as Michelle Ntalami is accused of sleeping with another girl Makena. Others affected include Fena, Edith


Twitter was raging yesterday and it was BBC producer Catherine Njeri aka Makena (from her role on Tahidi High) has been trending after her brand new Mercedes Benz was sprayed and written “cheater” after she allegedly started tossing and turning in between sheets with Marini Naturals CEO the beautiful 35 year old Michelle Ntalami.

Apparently, Makena has been cheating on her lover with Ntalami for some time now. Her lover lost her cool and vandalized her Mercedes Benz writing curse words and everything.

‘MAKENA CHEATER’ was written on the side of the car with black spray paint and on the bonnet, “F*CK YOU’ was pasted.
The post that went viral includes Makena’s white Mercedez Benz with spray paint on the door and hood. The poorly written “Makena Cheater” and “Fu*k You” are clearly an angry reaction to what some suspect to be Makena stepping out on her relationship. However, it seems that K.O.T is keen to put two and two together, with some insinuating that the former Tahidi High star Makena Njeri allegedly cheated on her girlfriend with Ntalami.

Mrs. Steal your girl

Speculation is that the two since going together to Dubai a few weeks ago, can’t just stay away from each other.

It’s not the first time Ntalami is finding herself in such a scandal. She has been also accused of “stealing” This is Ess, Edith Kimani and a few other ladies from their men.

Here are more photos:

Well guys,
Michelle Ntalami dumped Fena Gitu so as to hook up with the new ‘sauce’ in town, Makena Njeri. Now Makena’s girl friend ameamua kama mbaya mbaya, you cannot cheat on me na ninyamaze, maakosa. (In Dj Afro’s voice)

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BUT walimwes Makena is a combo of handsome and beautiful you cannot can.

Benz no to #Ibilosi

Source: kenyagist.COM


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