DP Ruto is a coward, can’t face CS Matiangi, instead targets PS Kibicho coz he is Kikuyu

Telltale signs are loud, you will lose 2022, stop wasting money and energy- DP Ruto warned

By Sospeter Otieno

I have known Dr. Kibicho since I was like 17, and he is such a humble man, who even though he was relatively successful, had time to mentor small boys. So if you have a tiff with him, you are most likely the bad & disrespectful one. The guy can’t even hit a fly. The only reason the DP would target Dr. Kibicho and not his boss Dr. Matiang’i is because of 41:1(well chosen targets). Dr. Matiang’i has the overall execution responsibility over the interior docket, and has huge sway over the Kisii vote. So it’s politically convenient to target his mtu ya mkono, only because he is a Mugikuyu. Purely political move.

The DP has given up on Mt. Kenya vote & seems to have made up his mind to focus on the 41 tribe non-Kikuyu vote and is now leading a hate campaign against the Mt. Kenya leaders. How can greedy Ndindi Nyoro, Waititu, Kimani Ngunjiri and Kimani Ichung’wa -guided by their greedy stomachs- collaborate in this heinous scheme against their own people?

The assassination allegation by DP wing is a dangerous, well calculated and coded incitement message, that seems intended to reset his tribesmen into the 2007 Kiambaa church burning mode. Already, one of the radicalized Ruto supporters invaded State House with a knife 🔪 with the intention of stabbing the president. Rather than make radicalization grade charges, Ruto should have gone through the government channels.

The DP comes out in all this as an insecure, rubble rousing and antagonistic individual, into whom power had gotten, but which is now being deflated slowly, and you know what happens when a hot air balloon deflates? It starts descending, at a rate proportional to the speed of deflation. The DP is a drama queen who is scared of not whether but when and how hard he is gonna hit the ground. I would be scared too.

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