Chaos After Protestors Storm Governor’s Office

Chaos After Protestors Storm Governor's Office

Protesting residents stormed Bomet County offices on Tuesday afternoon after the arrest of a young man for allegedly leaking a list of employees hired on a contract basis.

The protestors evicted some of the employees in the Human Resource office and locked the door, forcing them to escape through the window.

The County Assembly Leader of Majority Josphat Kirui had to intervene so that Godwin Maritim, the suspect, could be released.

Bomet Governor, Joyce Laboso

The 26-year-old man was arrested after investigations linked him to a leak of more than 200 letters of appointment, The Standard reported.

Maritim had accused the HR officials of undermining Bomet Governor Joyce Laboso‘s supporters.

He complained that the county administration had promised jobs to young people but had, however, turned their backs on them.

“We are shocked that instead of employing us, the county is targeting and arresting us, which is unfair.

“Individuals who never played any role are now calling shots and mistreating us,” Patrick Rotich, a young man from Bomet remarked.

Another young man, Dominic Rop, stated that all the expectations they had from the government had been ruined by selfish individuals.

The County Assembly of Bomet

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