“Am craving for pregnancy”, Diamond Platinumz lover declares

“Am craving for pregnancy”,  Diamond Platinumz lover declares

Recently Tanasha Donna’s Pregnancy was revealed and apparently, she got cravings!!
Every woman who has gone through motherhood can tell that pregnancy is not an easy thing to carry through the 9 months.

There are usually Crazy cravings especially in the second tri-sem that can even break a home if the husband is not keen on what the wife asks for.

When I say cravings it is not all about food. These things show up in different dimensions. Today you could be missing seeing your grandmother, and the next day you could be craving for the smell of soil during the rainy season.
One can crave for anything you can imagine, including quarrelling! Lol

Well, Tanasha Donna Oketch, the current fiancee to the Bongo Flava King, Diamond Platinumz is heavily pregnant with her first child and apparently, from the look of things she is on her second tri-sem where cravings are at peak.
But hey look!

Tanasha’s cravings are weird! She is not caving for food but an animal!
Taking to social media, Tanasha asked her boo Diamond Platinumz to buy her aspecific breed of a white dog. She even pleaded with dog vendors to comment on her post. Here is her photo and the caption;

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